How to Build Your Portfolio: Local Work

How to Build Your PortfolioWe all have to start somewhere. Whether you were born in a big city or out in the middle of nowhere, you can still begin amassing the things you need to slowly grow your career into something lucrative.

Just Start

Too many times people focus on what they need rather than where they need to start. The reality of starting anything is that you need very little. The hardest part is actually taking that first step by doing something. If you don’t take any action, buying all the stuff in the world will never bring you success.

So what if you don’t have everything you need for your modeling bag? So what if your acting resume is mostly blank? You’ll never fill those things up unless you get experience and you won’t get experience until you start.

Keep Going

Apply for everything. Your goal is not to nail a job in the exact niche you imagine yourself in, the goal is to start gaining experience you can then apply to future jobs. So long as the gigs you take offer experiences you can apply to better your chances of landing future gigs, take them and learn. Make connections with people who can refer you in the future. Put in more hours than anyone else. Work hard and you will see dividends.


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