How Much Makeup is Right for an Audition?

How Much Makeup is Right for an AuditionApplied makeup amount suggestions for an audition varies greatly from person to person. Some cake it on imagining they’re already on stage and in full regalia. Others abhor the stuff and refuse to touch it unless they have to. The truth, luckily, lies somewhere tucked safely in the middle.

Make It Natural

The only rule you need to follow (assuming the audition isn’t explicitly asking for extreme makeup) is to use natural-looking amounts.


If you go too far, your face paint becomes the focus instead of your acting or modeling chops. If you don’t go far enough, your natural beauty isn’t put on display and your potential can be missed. By focusing on lighter makeup to enhance your best features, you bring out the best you for the audition. You’ll look healthy, you’ll look vibrant, and you’ll catch the attention of the directors in a positive way.

Make It Matte

But what does natural makeup look like? How do you even decide what to do?

For starters, keep your colors matte. Avoid gloss. Why? Without makeup, you’re only shiny when you sweat or you’re wet. Plus, shine draws attention toward it, focusing attention away from you as an entire package.

As for enhancing your natural beauty, pick your favorite facial feature. Is it your eyes? Your lips? Your cheekbones? Your chin? Whatever you decide, that is your main focus to build around. If your eyes are your selling point, practice subtle but strong eyeliner and eyeshadow methods. The key to natural-looking makeup is to make it appear as if you’re wearing nothing extra at all. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with extremes that you then slowly pull back. You’ll never know what too far is until you’ve crossed the line.

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