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Beauty TrendsFall brings us fresh faces and fun follicles, allowing us to change our looks once more. Though runway designs slant toward the more extreme, there are still quite a few gems you can work into your ensemble to guarantee you are fashion-forward this fall.

Modest Makeup

All across the runways models appeared as if they had forgotten their makeup. Gone were heavy foundation, thick lipstick, and charcoal eyes in place of natural tones that appeared almost invisible. For this fall, find yourself a nice lip balm, a simple eyeliner, and calm concealer.

Electric Eyes

If virtually no makeup doesn’t appeal to you, rest assured that there are plenty of crazy options still on the market this season. One of them involves loud eyeliner applied in any shape or style that compliments your facial structure. While pink seems to be perfect, don’t shy away from the rest of the color wheel.

Bronze Beauty

A common color theme that emerged was that of shades of bronze. Be it lipstick, eye shadow, or even concealer, a golden glow is simply glamorous right now. Highlight one area of your face with a complementary hue or decorate everything with it, the choice is ultimately yours.

Glossy Glam

Slick that hair back with a product that leaves a subtle shine. Be sure to ditch the bangs, too. Length doesn’t matter too much but a side part kept in shape with a firm hold is where hair is headed for a while. Up or down, just be sure there are no loose strands.

Bold Blush

Finally, if you do crave a natural look over matted makeup but absolutely adore splashes of color, you can still add a bright blast of pigment to your cheekbones. Bright reds and pinks are absolutely magic when crafting a simple yet daring look.

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