Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion TrendsThe chill is in the air as meltingly hot temperatures are finally showing signs of giving in to the crispness of autumn, making it the perfect time to transition from the festive fringes of summer to the cool couture of fall.

Pick Purple

As the leaves of the trees undergo their own transitions, so, too, do the colors of fashion. Putting to rest the usual loudness of summer, everything at this past fashion showing was coming up purple. Orchid and lavender were the two stars. Build a look that is purely purple or add accents to a pastel palette, the choice is yours.

Cinch the Suit

Fall doesn’t mean a loss of your figure under frumpy forms. This season, it means going to work with a waist. If you’re a fan of belts, especially contrasting belts, this season is yours for the taking. Invest in coats, jackets, and suits that provide either built-in cinching at the waist or belt loops allowing you to add accessories you want to wear.

Asymmetrical Alternatives

While fall is chilly, the weather isn’t so bad that you can’t show off a little skin. Off-the-shoulder necklines are a nice addition to any wardrobe. The type of top doesn’t matter and neither does the shoulder it hangs off of. Just be sure to hide any straps as the full shoulder should be on display.

Sink into Satin

It’s in then it’s out and then it’s back in again. While satin isn’t exactly the easiest material to manage, it is one of the most luxurious ways to turn up to a party. Now available in shorts as well as beautifully crafted tops and dresses, you can take this year’s look even further by making sure every satin item you own is contrasted tastefully with lacey edges.

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