Fall Nail Trends

Fall Nail TrendsWhile this season’s fashions are falling into a more neutral arena, nails are where explorations in excess are being pursued.

Half and Half

Top or bottom, side to side, or even diagonally, nails are being cut in two this season. From single colors paired with patterns to clean fades from one shade to the next, splitting the nail is a must. Some even sought this style with stickers. Either way, this option offers the most versatility in terms of how loud or muted you want the look to be.


Rather than polka dots, these spots are designed to look more like splatters from a paintbrush. They are unequal in size, shape, and placement. In addition, they’re not meant to stand out unless you really take a look at the nail design. Opt for a dark solid bottom color and a darker version of the bottom coat for the stippling.


Another prominent paint job was one that favored flare on a single nail (preferably one of the index fingers). In the more extreme cases, actual things were glued to the nail, such as pearls or butterflies, but more demure models displayed single letters or soft designs.

Prominent Pearls

If you’re hoping to go extremely high fashion and don’t plan on using your hands much, pearls were seen all over the runways. Some were glued to the nails themselves to add texture and contrast to a color, but most were glued to the fingers, either on the cuticle or up and down the digits.

Bold Blues

If you’re on the market for a simple seasonal color, look no further than dark blues. Sometimes paired with lighter blues when doing the half and half look, navy featured prominently, often matched with coats and jackets of similar hues.

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