Child Acting

Child ActingYour child is dead set on acting, but they are pretty young, meaning they’ll rely on you for the majority of their support in this venture. Do you agree to it? Do you tell them to wait until they’re 18? How can you make this call?

Are they actually into acting?

No one knows your child better than you, but that still doesn’t mean you have a full read on the situation. And even if you did, what’s best for one child isn’t good for another. While no one can give you the one correct answer to this situation, there are things you can consider to inform your decision.

Do they take direction well?

Can they adapt to change? If so, how well?

Can they take “no” for an answer?

What’s their track record with other hobbies?

Do they sincerely love acting more than anything else?

Can I commit?

Every hobby comes with its own financial burden. Beyond money, however, is a host of other things to consider. You’re their ride to and from auditions. If they get a part, are you willing to move should that be required? They will need headshots. You will need to find them an agent and act as the central contact. Can you manage such a responsibility? Also, consider the rest of the family. If they have siblings, how do you keep everyone united when one child is pulling you away?


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