2019 Summer Fashion for Women

2019 Summer Fashion for WomenTaxes are done, days are longer, and you’re looking forward to new couture to show off during these long summer days.

Totally Tie-Dye

Once every twenty years or so, tie-dye emerges from its dormancy. The tie-dye we know today kicked off during the ‘60s and its explosion of color and creativity. While you aren’t expected to design your own clothes, embrace the prints that show off this style. Luckily, this season, the patterns available are far more varied and intricate than the typical circles on homemade t-shirts.

Suddenly Shorts

While shorts are always in, it’s the type of shorts that varies from year to year. In the wake of the yoga pants craze that has still yet to retire, find yourself a set of bicycle shorts that are just as flattering. If you like loose, board shorts are back in.

Really Ruched

Ruching is the gathering of fabric in such a way as to create a ripple effect. It’s certainly not common couture, so it’s fun to find a fit that accentuates your curves with a style known for doing a great job with this when worn correctly.

Leaping Leotards

Tying to the sporty shorts – both bicycle and board – leotards only add to the activity level of this summer’s look. While the pants worn with the leotard are typically opaque, the idea behind the look is to be ready for a swim regardless of what you’re wearing, as leotards can make great one pieces.

Respected Ruffles

Smooth silhouettes are out in favor of textures of any kind, but it was the ruffles that dominated the runways, adding to great looks while detracting from features you’d rather not highlight. Pair it with smooth shorts and bright colors, and you are set for the summer.

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