Accessorizing for Photoshoots

Accessorizing for PhotoshootsWe all know clothes are extremely important for photoshoots. The colors bring out your natural glow while the cuts accentuate your natural figure. But what about accessories? How do you even go about throwing together hats or necklaces or scarves? Worry no longer. This is your guide to the awesome world of photoshoot accessorizing.

The Head

Hats, headbands, scarves, and anything else that sits on your top are considered an extension of your wardrobe more so that an actual accessory. Because of this, they are added in as a way to make your shots more fun or flirty, giving you props to mess around with as you find the look you’re trying to capture. They also run the risk of distorting your face, so be cautious.

The Jewelry

Jewelry is the heart and soul of the accessories. Earrings, rings, bracelets, broaches—the list goes on, and all have the potential to add something truly unique to your shot. At its core, jewelry is there to act as the finishing touch to the outfit. Each piece is there on purpose to make everything appear as put together as possible. If you have favorites, dress for those, but don’t be afraid to bring other outfits and other jewelry just to see what a different look can evoke.

The Miscellaneous

Everything else, including handbags and sunglasses, fall under this umbrella. While certainly not the most important, they nevertheless bring to your pictures a flair for fashion that the other pieces can’t. Similar to the head, though, these accouterments probably aren’t going to add sophistication more than they’re going to add a sense of fun and adventure. After all, who brings sunglasses to anything more formal than an outdoor event?

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