Decade Fashion: How to Style the Latest Trends

Decade Fashion: How to Style the Latest TrendsEver wanted to be the trendsetter? Ever wanted to walk into a room and immediately be met with looks of people who immediately make a note to find your fashion? Don’t wait any longer. Style yourself to the latest and greatest trends without blowing the bank or your closet space.

Learn Your Fashion Basics

Fashions change every season but that doesn’t mean you have to revamp your wardrobe when the temperature fluctuates. When it comes to couture, there are a lot of things that remain the same across the years. Study fashion shows. Identify what the big ticket styles are. Pick one realistic color, pick one realistic wardrobe piece, and pick one realistic pattern from this. Ignore the rest. Metallic plaid is not going to last but checker patterns will.

Seek Secondhand

As you get used to dressing for the latest trends, you’re going to make a lot of mistakes. They don’t have to be expensive if you shop at secondhand stores. Your first goal is to set up a shopping schedule. Go with a budget and go once a month. Get used to constantly updating your wardrobe so that you stay trendy. After all, trends are the exact opposite of stagnation, and if you don’t actively change out your clothes, you are actively not trendy.

Decide and Discard

Here is the most important rule for any trendy closet—buy a piece, toss a piece. It’s that simple. We all have shirts that don’t fit us quite right that sit in the back of the closet collecting dust. Why would you hold on to that after scoring a brilliant blouse perfect for this spring? The correct answer is you don’t. Do this right, and you’ll soon become the envy of others.

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