Acting Audition: How to Dress

Acting Audition: How to DressYou’ve memorized your monologue. You’ve studied the play you’re auditioning for. You’ve nailed your headshot and resume. Now for the final piece of the puzzle—your outfit.

 Capture the Character

Assuming the audition is for a specific play rather than an all call, you will have one role you’re aiming to nab. Dress for that role in as far as seems natural. Plays can go stylized in a direction you may not know about but a basic character description can give you a gentle nudge in the correct direction. Does the character wear a specific color? Do they opt for pants instead of skirts? Is their hair short or long? Dress to that idea and let it carry you through your audition.

Come Comfortable and Confident

Make sure that what you show up in is comfortable. There very well could be physical work and you’ll need to be able to move should they give you that direction. You’ll also want this outfit to reek of confidence. Your performance can only be enhanced if you believe you are fully dressed your best. They say clothes make the man, but, really, clothes make the mind—and it shows.

Don’t Forget Foot Focus

Shoes are just as important as your choice of outfit. Be honest with yourself from the get-go. If you can’t move in heels, don’t wear heels. Shoes that throw you off balance or cause you to stomp around will only draw attention away from your performance. All of the directors’ eyes should be on your face, not your feet. Should you get the part and the character wears heels, you’ll have months to practice, but the judges don’t need to know that just yet.

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  1. Annese Williams says:

    This was very informative. I’m learning new things everyday. It’s very exciting.

  2. sariah says:

    for headshots, do you do our make up and dress us? od do we do it ourselves?

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