Belt Bags

Belt BagsBelt bags are 2019’s answer to the fanny pack. By altering the design ever so slightly, designers have created something wholly unique in look and fashion.

The Belt vs. The Fanny

When searching for a belt bag, couture sites often also throw fanny packs into the same string of results, but this is unfair to the belt bag. There are differences, however subtle. First and foremost, the “belt” part of the belt bag is actually a major distinguishing feature. These bags are designed with a matching belt that you can wear. Fanny packs simply fit on the waist with a latch. Belt bags are also designed more as detachable purses that can either be held or worn, depending on the needs of the wearer.

Finding the Fashion

There is no doubt that the belt bag is a high fashion item, and because of this, you want to make sure that you invest in one that very clearly is well made and well designed. This means finding one with an actual belt that can stand on its own with or without the purse and vice versa. Since fanny packs typically have a more triangular shape, the best belt bags are rectangular. In short, they look like small handbags. Many designers emblazon logos loud and proud but there are quite a few that come with subtle but striking dashes of color that really add a look of sophistication.

How to Wear It

The biggest dilemma, as with most fashion pieces, is how and when to wear it. As it stands, you can wear the belt bag with anything, though high-waisted pants or skirts are ideal. Add to this a matching quality between the clothes and the bag and you now have yourself the perfect outfit for a belt bag.

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