Voiceover Auditions

Voiceover AuditionsAuditioning for voice roles, be they cartoons, commercials or the ARSM, is a very straightforward process with clearly defined rules and goals. Put your best foot forward by knowing the basics so to better show off your skills and impress those you hope to work with.

Complaints & Excuses

Professionals don’t complain and they don’t make excuses. If you had time to work with the script beforehand, even five minutes prior, never blame a bad performance on poor preparation. That relates to the directors that you are unable to take responsibility for your own performance and will blame others in the future. The same goes with complaining. Professionals bite their tongue and push forward because they understand the project is more important than their pride.


Always be on time. This is a given. However, always being on time includes arriving prepared with everything you need, such as your resume and any other materials you may have been told to come with. In addition, don’t show up and expect time to warm-up. Arrived ready to go at any moment. After all, there could have been cancellations, meaning you are called in earlier than expected.


Voice acting requires a lot of mental, emotional, and vocal aptitude. Chances are you’ll read a line one way and then be asked to read it again in a different way. As a performer, this should come as no surprise, but when just using the voice, alterations can seem a lot more challenging. Go along with the direction and don’t be afraid to act it out physically. Making fists or jumping up and down can aid in getting across the emotion needed to nail your audition.

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