Acting Audition Tips

Acting Audition TipsMaking it as an actor is no different than making it in any other profession. With enough time and effort and connections, you’ll eventually find a stream of well-paying jobs in a rewarding career. Never stop researching how to get better, and you’ll eventually nail every audition you hit.

Be Confident

Human emotions are very easy to read, especially for actors. Before you can get any better in your auditioning process, you need to have your confidence on lockdown. You need to believe you’re the best. You need to know you can outperform anyone in the room. This confidence will give your actions the determination and direction necessary in landing a role.

Be Curious

If you have questions, engage in conversation with the casting directors. When they ask for something, don’t be afraid to try a few things to test out the waters before jumping into the altered performance. If you can communicate that you are fun to work with without being too much to handle, there’s a good chance you’ll be hired on personality alone.

Be the Character

You need to know who you’re auditioning as inside an out. Does it matter if you just got the script? No. The faster you can come up with clear motivations and characterizations, the easier it becomes to nail your audition.

Be Difference

Not all anger is shown through yelling and not all happiness is shown through hugs. Instead of dishing out the tired tropes of what people generally expect when seeing a certain emotion, break away from the stereotypes to present a fresh take on what otherwise might be an old character. Though it won’t always land you the part, this creative way of thinking is a good way to get you noticed for other projects.

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