Body Shape: Styling Your Body

Body Shape: Styling Your BodyEvery body shape can look good so long as you know where to draw attention. Here are the quick and dirty rules to looking your best no matter your shape.

Pear Shape

You have a small chest and wide hips. Most women fall under this category.  Your rule is to keep the top busy and the bottom bland. Because your hips are already so prominent, you want to draw attention away from them with v-necks, scoop necks, and cowl necks. Layers are great (up top) and don’t be afraid to buy embellished dresses.

Hourglass Shape

You have a large chest and wide hips with a small waist. Because this is such a great spread of assets, form-fitting attire is your best friend. Make sure everything is tailored to your silhouette and don’t be afraid to show off just how small your waist is. Most dresses will flatter your figure, just be wary of loose-fitting dresses.

Apple Shape

Apples have wider shoulders than hips and larger stomachs that can jut out. Your goal is to hide the stomach and bring focus to your upper body. Wear A-line anything with loose material, flowy shirts that don’t hug you tight, and v-necks. While not every dress will work on your body, strapless is a choice you can rock like no other.

Athletic Shape

Athletes have a very close shoulder to hip ratio and lack big curves. Instead, they can come off as more boxy. Accentuate your muscular look by showing off your arms and toned tummy. Halter tops, racerbacks, and strapless tops are the best. For dresses, choose styles that show off your favorite asset and minimize areas you don’t care for with dark colors and vertical shapes.

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