Men’s Fashion Accessories

Men’s Fashion AccessoriesAccessories are those small additions that can make or break your outfit, taking you from a casual to a professional dresser in the time it takes to put them on. While men generally aren’t heavy on accents, there are a timeless few that push your look from drab to fab.


Even though phones now come with synced clocks, watches are timeless timepieces that immediately speak to your level of wealth and sophistication. Whether it’s a simple face with a simple band or a complex piece of machinery that relays far more than just the time, the important thing is to embrace your preferred style. Do you like unassuming pieces? Opt for classic watch faces with brown or black bands. Do you want it to be a statement? Get bold with either color or complexity. Just remember to never mix the two.


Watches aren’t for everyone but wrist adornments are. Gaining traction not too long ago, male bracelets are now firmly entrenched as a must-wear for fashionable forays. While watches certainly are versatile, bracelets are even more so, lending themselves to combinations that watches never can. Bracelets can be stacked on one arm, but avoid that when wearing a big metal band. Also, never match the bracelets on both of your wrists. Asymmetry is key.

Pocket Squares

Every man must have a well-fitted suit and every suit must have its accessories. While ties and cufflinks are classic options, most men forego a very important complement to their overall look. The pocket square is an extremely versatile choice that displays your color coordinating acumen. Often complimentary to the tie, singles or multiples can really bring together an ensemble with a desired pop of color that can’t be achieved through any other accessory.

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