The Model Bag

The Model BagBecome even more of a respected professional by filling out your model bag. On call with you, it’s a great way to always arrive prepared and ready to go.

The Book

Your book should always be in your bag updated and devoid of junk. The only things that should ever enter this portfolio are your choice pictures and modeling comp cards. Everything else, from negatives to contact sheets, is junk. Think of your book as an extension of you and keep it as presentable as you would keep yourself.


Bring everything you think you’ll need. Concealers, lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliner, and full palettes are all par for the course. While this is especially important for women, men should never be without a solid palette for bronzers, concealers, and blush.


Spanx are not fun to walk around in and many auditions do not require you do. However, there’s always a chance you may be asked to try on a garment. Compliment it by donning proper underwear you’ve brought with you. Women gather up your bodysuits, panties, socks, and stockings. Men bring an array of underwear types as well as one black and one white t-shirt or tank.

Sewing Kit

There are quick and dirty ways to fix the occasional clothing mishap but those are shoddy at best. Instead, invest in a small, cheap sewing kit so you can correctly fix a malfunction in such a way that you know it will hold through the audition. In this sewing kit should also be a stain remover stick.

Mouth Protection

Including toothpaste, a toothbrush, and floss, having a small breath buster in your bag can mean the difference of getting to enjoy some snacks before an audition or starving your way through a go-see that ran longer than expected.

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