VloggingBlogging took off with the rise of the internet and gave way to vlogging once streaming became fast and easy. Though simple to start, it’s much harder to succeed. Don’t go in blind. Here’s what you need to know to find success with video blogs.

What Value Do You Offer?

Simply put, how will you make your videos worth watching? Will you offer up a talent, like drawing? Or will you share research on a certain subject, like history? Sometimes all that’s needed is a daily entry on how your life has been, but such a diary still needs that hook that brings people back and welcomes people in. Your vlog can literally be about anything but the more you focus on one subject, the quicker you can grow your audience and brand.

What is Your Time Worth?

One of the hardest aspects of starting out vlogging can be determining how much time to put into your projects. After all, time is money and if you don’t know how much your time is worth, you’ll never really be able to settle on what you can realistically do and still find success. Look around online. There are many sites that can calculate out how much each hour of your time is worth based on views, subscribers, and other data. Use this information to then make sure you’re spending your resources wisely.

How Often Will You Vlog?

Be consistent. No vlog ever grew through sporadic postings. Every major and successful blog has a regular schedule that they stick to. If they end up having to miss a few days, notices are always posted. Some even record extra material to post on those days they miss. Set yourself a schedule that is realistic for you to follow and stay with it.

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