Finding Your Acting Type

Finding Your Acting TypeWhat works for one actor to get into character does not work for another. This is why there are shelves full of methods designed by performers explaining how they achieve the performances they do. Finding yours is the perfect way to push yourself further as an actor.

Trial and Error

In the end, there’s no secret code for figuring out what works for you. The only thing you can do is try out as many types as possible. Test out method acting by taking workshops on Stanislavski or Strasberg. Once you have a grasp there, switch on over to improve and see how you enjoy thinking on your feet. The more you try, the more you’ll come to understand yourself and what works well for you versus what doesn’t.

Mix and Match

Unlike some actors that swear by only one method, don’t be afraid to only take the bits you like and mix those with other bits from other types you like. That’s absolutely fine to do as long as it’s improving your acting chops. If you’re good enough to get hired, no one cares if you mixed some methods. If anything, they’ll wonder what makes your unique brand so good.

Challenge Yourself

As a final note, while it’s absolutely important to really hone in on those natural talents you have, do not let your weaker side rot but not exercising it. Even if you are terrible at improv, keep practicing until you get to the point where you’re decent at it. It’s okay if you can’t be the best. The point of these challenges is to grow as an actor. Becoming mediocre at something you used to be terrible at means your entire method gets better and you become that much more marketable.

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