Fashion Show Tips

Fashion Show TipsFashion shows can be stressful, but don’t let that throw you off your game. Here’s what to expect and prep before you take a walk down the runway of a show or an audition.

The Look

Cute and comfy is key. Lines are harsh on the body and clothes that fit too tight are notorious for outlining all aspects of your undergarments. By keeping it loose, you avoid lines.

The Undergarments

Nude is the only color you should have on under your clothes. They should fall so that there are no lines whatsoever. However, even if you perfect this, there’s a high chance you’ll still be asked to avoid wearing certain parts, namely the bra.

The Bag

Bring your model bag whether you’re working a job or not. Many people and professionals attend fashion shows. You never know who you might strike up a conversation with.

The Activity

There’s going to be waiting. You’re going to have to wait after checking in. You’re going to have to wait before prep. You may even have to wait afterward. Bring something to read or do quietly that can be put down at a moment’s notice.

The Attitude

When it is your turn, put your activity away and keep it away. Be attentive to your makeup artists and hair stylists. They’re going to ask you to contort your face or head in some way and you should always be alert to this to help their jobs go smoothly. Word travels between professionals, even those that aren’t models.

The Show

Doesn’t matter if it’s an audition or a full on show. Own every moment you’re on that runway or in front of judges. You deserve to be there. You want to be there. In a job where confidence is key, believing in yourself is something all success stories share.

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