Mastering Men’s Shoes

Mastering Men’s ShoesThough the joke always focuses on women’s shoe collections, men aren’t free from requiring a massive collection themselves. From casual sneakers to fancy footwear, here are the basics you need to know to put together a simple set of looks, from comfy to formal.


Most guys are athletic. To do so, you need a good pair of sneakers that support your feet during physical challenges. As these are the most casual a man can get, pair them with gym clothes or jeans when going hiking. In a perfect world, no man wears these shoes outside of his local fitness center.


The next step up, loafers were originally loungewear that has since become more fashionable than sneakers. Most still maintain comfortable insides designed with support in mind. Because of this, they should be paired with typical day wear. Including khakis, polos, linens, and cotton, wear loafers anywhere you would be tempted to wear your sneakers.

Dress Shoes

Here is where it can get complicated. At what level of fashion are you supposed to don your fancy shoes and how fancy should these shoes be? To cover most outfits, you should aim to have around three pairs of dress shoes ranging from casual to dressy. Your most casual dress shoes should look great with any pair of jeans you have. The next tier should match your slacks. The final tier should match your tux.

How do you style them?

It really all depends on whether you like attention drawn to your shoes. While most men opt for neutral colors (think browns and blacks), preferring louder colors in their clothing, there are many that want quieter clothing so their shoes can stand out. In the end, don’t be afraid to try on different combinations and judge them in front of a full-length mirror.

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