Finding the Perfect Monologue

Finding the Perfect MonologueMonologues are more important than any cold read an actor can do. They are one of the few things actors can hone and perfect to such a degree that casting directors can’t ignore them. The sooner you find yours, the sooner you can make your mark on the acting world.

Tell a Story

The perfect monologue for you will tell a story. It will start, crescendo, and decrescendo. No matter what time period, no matter the speaker, your ideal choice will tell a story. The importance of this is that directors want to see your ability to fluidly go from one emotion to another. Everything should feel natural. Your anger shouldn’t give way to sadness without any sort of transition. By finding a monologue that tells a story, you’re exhibiting your talent to display realistic emotions through a practiced and rehearsed speech.

Feel the Story

The perfect monologue for you will tell a story you can relate to. Too often young performers will latch on to legendary monologues, like those of Lady Macbeth. Unfortunately, there’s not much to connect to when the performer has never been married for an extended period of time. In this case, you want to settle on something that honestly relates to your life experiences. This allows for an outstanding audition since you understand the emotional journey being traveled.

Know the Story

The perfect monologue for you will come from a story you know better than anyone else. While tying your own emotions to a monologue that feels like a natural fit is powerful, nothing adds even more weight than understanding the character inside and out. Know their motivations for that point in time. Know why these are the words they’re choosing to say. The closer you are to that character, the more perfect the monologue is for you.

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