How to Tie Your Tie

How to Tie Your TieA tie is an accent that says a lot about the wearer. A classic knot can speak to tradition while a more modern take can reveal a character underneath the suit. Here are a few different ways to achieve a tied tie without being married to outdated ideas.

Four In Hand

Arguably the most common way to tie a tie (and the one most men are taught), the four in hand is an easy, quick way to achieve a small but uneven knot that is passable for a majority of social situations. To start, pull the tie through the collar with the thick end hanging lower than the thin. Wrap the thick around the thin end twice, then bring it up through the loop around your neck and down through the second loop around the thin end.

Half Windsor

Another favorite, the half Windsor is more professional as it leaves an even knot. Even so, it is a harder knot to tie. Again, start with the tie draped around the collar with the thin end shorter than the thick. Wrap the thick end around the thin end once then bring it up and down through the loop encircling your neck. Take the large end and bring it around the front of the small end and take the big end up through the loop around your neck. There should now be a smaller loop around the thin end. Pull the big end through this.


Kelvins are perfect for ties that have an underside you want to show off since the material around the collar is, in a sense, left backward, while the tie remains properly positioned. Drape the tie as usual except make sure the underside is facing out. Next, wrap the large end of the tie twice around the small end, bring it up through the collar around the neck and then through the smaller loop created around the thin end.

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