Go-See 101

Go-See 101A go-see for a model is the audition for the actor. It’s a chance for the hiring company to meet the talent in person, possibly take a few photos to see how they work together, and otherwise, collect data they couldn’t get through just a headshot.

Stay Natural

Though you should put on enough makeup to highlight your natural beauty, don’t go overboard with anything. Go-Sees aren’t designed to reveal you in your highest fashion. They’re there to have you present yourself as a blank canvas so casting directors can envision what could be put on you. Be clean, be neat, and avoid anything distracting. Avoid fake nails. If there’s no getting around it, make absolutely certain they are a neutral color to hide them as best as possible.

Dress for Success

Much like your makeup, keep your clothing minimal. You want to don form-fitting clothing that allows the casting directors to envision their products on you. Stay as neutral as possible with black or darkly colored clothing. White is a no-no since the color tends to wash out many models’ faces. If you’re not comfortable in something that is entirely formfitting, you can opt for fitted jeans and a nice tank top that follows your natural curves without being too revealing.

Bring Shoes

Finally, always bring shoes to walk in. Chances are extremely high you’ll be asked to walk and if you don’t have shoes, you’ll lose your opportunity. While you can wear comfortable shoes getting to the audition, be sure to change into heels once you arrive. Whether you walk or not, you’re exhibiting the fact that you are always prepared and are well researched. That being said, make sure the heels you do bring are heels you’ve practiced walking in.

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