How to Look Better in Photos

How to Look Better in PhotosTackle these tips and tricks to make yourself even more beautiful on camera.


According to research that has recently come to light, the left side of the face is typically considered to be more attractive.

Square Off

Never face the camera square on (unless it’s for an artsy picture). Instead, always tilt your head. This adds depth to those beautiful features.

Look Up

If you’re seated for a photo shoot, have the photographer stand above you so your face has to tilt upward to face the lens. This allows for incredible jaw definition.

Money, Money

“Cheese” might be the go-to for most family photos, but it’s far from the best word to use. Instead of forcing a fake smile as you hit those hard vowels, use “money” to create a much more natural looking smile, complete with crinkling eyes.

Tongue in Cheek

If you’re still worried about an unnatural looking smile, stick your tongue behind your teeth to contain the width. The only catch is to remember to smile with the eyes, otherwise, this trick can make for an unhappy look.

Stand Tall

When posing for a full-length photo, see if the photographer can squat a little to capture shots from a lower angle. This simple change of perspective makes you look taller and thinner.

Head High

If you suffer from what looks to be a double chin in your selfies, chances are high you are pulling your chin in too close to your neck. Instead, hold your head up to clearly separate the jaw from the neck. This has an incredibly powerful slimming look.

Arm Out

No matter how awesome your arms are, they’ll always look frumpy when held close to your body. When posing, keep your arms far from your torso to accentuate the smallest part of your waist.

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