2018 Fall Beauty Trends

2018 Fall Beauty TrendsTo match the changing leaves and cooling temperatures, beauty trends this season are all about matching the bold with the beautiful.

Bright Eyes

Gone are the hushed browns and darker hues of eyeliner and eyeshadow in favor of bold pinks and purples pulled straight from the glam of the 60s and 80s. Glitter is an extremely popular addition to these tones to make them stand out even more.

Muted Lips

To balance the bright, opt for light pink and otherwise soft lipsticks and glosses to make sure all the attention remains on your eyes. Neutral and beige tones with a small bit of shine offset the glam perfectly. If, however, you love your lips more than your peepers, keep the eye makeup minimal and apply your darkest reds.

Bougie Buns

For long hair, keep it on top of your head in the messiest bun you can muster. Don’t worry about slicking back your hair, either. The less it looks like there was product used to set it, the better the bun.

Claw Clips and Barrettes

If your hair is too short for a messy bun, it’s time to dig out those claw clips and barrettes you sported back in the 90s. Unlike the messy buns, be sure to style your hair so that these hair accessories are more of a decoration and less of a necessity.

Two-Tone Nails

The French manicure will always be a classic, but it certainly isn’t remaining stagnant. While you’ll want to keep the white tips, the main area of the nail can be coated in a deep color of your choice. For the best look, stick with dark reds, browns, and oranges to match the natural color shift of the trees.

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