Best Tech for Acting

Best Tech for ActingIn this ever-advancing tech world, auditions and everything tied to them is shifting with the sands of change. Don’t be left behind. The better tech you have to manage your career, the better chance you stand to succeed.


Do not underestimate the power of portable internet. Giving you a way to interact with the world at large and immediately follow-up with inquiries, this little device is what connects you to your audience, be they fans or producers. Beyond the internet, your phone also acts as a camera for you to take high-quality headshots of yourself on a regular basis. While you should always hire a photographer to deal with the major shoots, it doesn’t hurt to learn a bit about photography yourself.

Social Media Accounts

Tied to tech more so that being physical tech, social media has allowed for a world of self-branding that has revolutionized the arts. You don’t need everything, but you should choose at least two platforms that best help you connect with others and sell yourself. For many actors, it’s a combination of Twitter and a visual medium (typically Instagram). If you want to push the envelope further, you can start your own YouTube and collect video of your performances or script reads for potential employers to peruse.

Camera and Mic

If you don’t live in a major hub of acting, like LA or New York, you can still audition across the country with a decent microphone and camera. The advancements in tech mean that you can put together professional audition tapes without needing to spend a lifetime’s savings on equipment. Most webcams are all you need for a high-quality video capture and even a $50 mic has with it incomparable sound quality.

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