YouTube Channel 101

YouTube Channel 101It’s the new era of entertainment in the digital age. A collection of videos that can lead to monetization, YouTube offers creative people the chance to build their own entertainment empire with little more than a video camera and an internet connection. However, as in any job market, YouTube is a fierce place that requires a keen understanding of some of the downplayed rules.

Posting to YouTube

Creating for this online platform is technically easy. You can make anything you want. Unfortunately, that alone can be a turn off for many. Luckily, there are specific rules you can follow when producing content to better your chances for success.

  • Keep what you post short. Fifteen minutes or less is the ideal. Any longer than that and you lose viewers.
  • Remind viewers to like and subscribe. Your videos will not be monetized unless you have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours within a 12 month period. Though it might seem like a hassle, including that reminder is a proven way to help you hit that goal faster.
  • Keywords are king. For each video, make sure you fill it full of as many keywords as possible to increase your chances of being listed in a YouTube search.

With these three things in mind, go wild with your creative side.

Chosen Content

If you’re looking to have a hassle-free channel on YouTube, keep your content around a PG-13 rating. While you’re certainly allowed to say what you want, ad revenue is not as generous to those channels that toe the line. In addition, content is often best when it offers value to the watcher. This can be through comedy or education. Regardless, so long as you keep posting your videos regularly, you can expect to see a decent return on your investment as time goes on.

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