Best Quick Fixes for a Wardrobe Malfunction

Best Quick Fixes for a Wardrobe MalfunctionWe’ve all been there. A strap breaks. Pants split. Buttons burst. As much as we like to play it down with the term “malfunction,” it’s a disaster that can sideline a performance in a heartbeat. Don’t be a victim. Your outfit will fall apart. Here’s how you limit the carnage.

The Falling Hem

Someone stepped on your outfit and as you moved, the hem lets loose its horrifying cry. Don’t panic. Find a stapler and get to work. While it’s much nicer to stitch it back together with a needle and thread, you don’t have that luxury. No staples? Safety pins. No safety pins? Strong tape. You can always make the seal stronger later.

The Loose Top

Your shoulder straps keep falling off or your bra cups open themselves to the world, much to your mortification. Make the top tighter in the same way you fixed your hem. Safety pins are a great way to hold together extra fabric in a concealed fashion.

The Burst Button

Buttons are not adverse to pressure, but they still can give, offering your group an embarrassing display. If there’s no needle and thread to quickly reattach it, there are still some options available. If it’s a decorative button, double-sided tape will do the trick. If it supported you, use a paperclip to close the buttonhole.

The Coffee Stain

Stains happen, no matter how careful everyone tries to be. There are plenty of stain pens out there that are easy to carry and conceal, but if you don’t have one, find a vending machine. Buy club soda or seltzer water. Put a dry paper towel under the stain and dampen another with the liquid. Dab at the stain until it lessens. It won’t go away entirely, but it will severely minimize the damage.

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