Summer Jewelry Trends

Summer Jewelry TrendsClothes aren’t the only thing gushed over during fashion week. After all, what’s an ensemble with the perfect jewelry to tie it all together? Here are this summer’s hottest trends.

Big and Bold

This season calls for one aspect of your jewelry set up to be big and beautiful. To make the jewelry a bit wieldier, opt for plastics. More specifically, clear plastics do the best job making big statements with a lot less weight. Clear also goes with every outfit.

Animals on Display

From necklaces to brooches, animal designs were all the rage. Butterflies and lizards were only a few of the designs proudly worn across the runway. Some were colorful, others monochrome. The only major thread was that the colors of the animals matched the clothes worn by either enhancing an already prominent color or complimenting many.

Bold Brooches

Definitely a jewelry piece of older times, brooches still manage to make their way back into fashion from time to time. If you like pinning little accents to your clothes, this summer is yours. Aim for bold, large brooches that can either be used to clasp something or decorate a lapel.

Little Layers

Coming to the world from California, thin necklaces layered over plain button-up shirts and deep V-necks are perfect for jewelry lovers not too keen on single, loud items. Typically there are three necklaces with each one shorter than the last. Big earrings are a great addition but by no means necessary.

Perfect Pearls

What’s a season without its favorite expensive piece of seasonal jewelry? Rejoice lovers of pearls! Bring out those necklaces and earrings and adorn yourself with your favorite gemstone. While small pearls are still acceptable, this summer is all about being bold so the bigger, the better.

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