Reputation Management and Respecting Schedules

Reputation Management and Respecting SchedulesTime is money. If you understand this phrase, you understand why always being on time is necessary when working to manage a positive professional reputation.

The Bigger You Are

As you become more successful, your time becomes increasingly more limited. The sheer number of projects coming in means you have to be able to pick and choose those that will be worth your time due to their financial or promotional potential. This is why you should never disrespect casting directors or their time. By arriving ready to go as soon as you are called, you are showing maturity and professionalism, two things that are often very rare in this field.

Managing Your Reputation

The most important reputation you have is the one shared between the professionals in the line of work you pursue. Be a carefree, feisty individual publicly, but always be a respectful, hardworking individual to those you actually have to work with. Fans will think what they want and draw their own conclusions but your fans won’t get you jobs. Only those you’ve interacted with behind the scenes will. They’re the ones that know other directors and other professionals. They’re the ones that have invitations to events where you can network with higher-ups. They’re the ones that will support your career. So long as you can keep the media separate from the work, you can find great success regardless of the character you give the world.

Despite all of this, if you find you don’t have time to publically manage your reputation, it’s okay to hire others to do it for you. There are many agencies willing to help you craft a public persona to your liking.

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