Questions for Your Photographer

Questions for Your PhotographerThough we do accrue photographers we prefer to work with, seeking out new talent is a great way to expand our portfolios and abilities. When it’s time to go on this hunt, here are the four major questions you’ll want answered before deciding who to work with.

What do I bring?

Though a pretty obvious question, you’d be surprised how many different things photographers can expect their clients to bring. The more seasoned professionals will no doubt have this information listed publicly, but newer names may not yet have this figured out. In addition, asking this question means both of you are on the same page come the day of the shoot, drastically reducing miscommunication that could result in a bad session.

What kinds of photos do you specialize in?

Every artist has an expertise. Know the photographer’s. Are they great at headshots? Have they mastered action shots? Finding this out means you can use the photographer to the best of their abilities to obtain shots you don’t have for your portfolio yet or shots you want to practice. In addition, this reduces the chance of you paying for something they simply can’t provide.

Will these be on location or off?

As with specializations, some photographers prefer to meet up at specific locations while others prefer studios where lighting and environmental challenges don’t exist. Be sure to find out what they work best with to verify your ambitions match up with their capabilities.

How are the pictures sent?

Finally, confirm how you will receive the photos. Most photographers nowadays provide digital copies but will these be on a disc, through an online service or will there be something else? In addition, will you receive access to all the photos or just some of them? Often times this single question determines if the price point is worth it.

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