Preparations and Expectations for Commercial Auditions

Preparations and Expectations for Commercial AuditionsOne of the most common auditions on an actor’s docket, commercials are a great way to make money and hone acting skills in front of a camera. Unfortunately, the process can seem wild and unpredictable with more failures than successes. Luckily, there are things you can do to vastly improve your chances.

Fix Your Looks

With about 30 seconds to tell a scripted story, your looks are everything. Many times whole auditions aren’t watched with casting directors making their choices a mere six seconds in. To work this to your advantage, you have to absolutely make yourself look the part. If the role calls for a mid-30s housewife, dress like a mid-30s housewife. If it needs an energetic force of will, let loose. Beyond that, talk how the script dictates. If it wants an accent, practice your accents. The closer you are to the desired character, the better chance you have of being noticed.

Listen and Adapt

At the audition, you’ll receive a script and you’ll probably also receive direction. Aside from your looks, the director needs to know if you can even adapt to his demands and coaching during a reading is imperative to gleaning this information. Where many people often start a string of “yeahs” before the director finishes, don’t do that. If the director is talking, be quiet and listen until they are done. Only after they finish their thought should you ask clarifying questions.

Think Small

Remember that commercial auditions are not for the stage. It doesn’t want big movements, it wants smaller, more true to life reactions. Act as realistically as possible in front of the camera to show off your capability as a film presence. While you may not book this job, if you’re good enough, you will be remembered.

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