Choosing the Right Men’s Formal Suit

Choosing the Right Mens Formal SuitAs women must research for that perfect gown, men must research the type of formal suit they’ll need to pull off a stunning look. Here are the facts to find the perfect fit every time.

The Basics

Though there aren’t as many formal suit types as there are dresses for women, there are very important fashion distinctions that cause a formal suit to lean more business versus more gala. Once you figure out the formality of the event, it’s time to take in the two main factors that determine a suit’s dressiness. The first is the lapels. Thin lapels are formal while the thicker ones are executive. The second, pockets, are where the style flairs really shine. Jetted or flapped are standard for any formal look. Rounded pockets, also known as patch, are less formal. Peaked are rarely acceptable but notched are considered a classic.

The Colors

For any suit, there are three colors you can choose from regardless of any prints added. Gray is a universally liked color that’s not too formal but not too relaxed. Blue is a bit more serious but certainly not formal. Black is as classy as it comes.

The Fitting

Much like women, the best suits are tailored. Depending on the store, you may be fitted there. If you’re not, head to a local seamstress and have it done. Just remember that material can always be subtracted but it can never be added, so buy loose rather than tight.

The Cost

Accept that a great suit, one that will last you the better part of a lifetime, will cost money. You might luck out and find a solid choice in a discount store but when it comes to clothes, money often matters a lot more than you might think.

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