Nail Trends 2018

Nail Trends 2018From the runway to the home, nail trends this year proved to run the gamut of possibilities.

Single Accent

Across the countless designers, one of the most popular looks was to have one color across all the nails and then slap a small accent on one finger. Some included a line, others included a word. Regardless of what it was, so long as there was a single nail embellishment, the look fit the fashion.

Black is Back

Black nail polish has been a tempestuous force in the fashion industry, disappearing almost as quickly as it appears. Luckily, however, it seems designers finally settled on designs that fit into a happy medium. Not too bold, the black nail polish was often either blended to create a stunning color gradient across all nails or used to accent other colors with beautiful lines and shapes.

Pure Metal

Opting for silvers and bronzes, toned down metallic nail polishes were all over the runways. The less noticeable they were in color, the more celebrated they were. In addition, these tones always matched the facial makeup color scheme.

Featured Flowers

As far as designs went, flowers reigned supreme. From floral designs different for each nail to one detailed rose blooming on an index finger, flowers are the best way to have fun. Color didn’t matter in the least with some flowers even being the only color on the nail.

The Short and Long

As far as fake nails were concerned, models only wore them to achieve pointed lengths. If not this, natural nails kept trim and shaped short were far more popular.

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