How to Break into the Industry past your 30s

How to Break into the Industry past your 30sThey say it’s never too late to pursue what you love. What they don’t tell you is how difficult it is to make a late-in-life change, regardless of the industry. However, don’t fret that you’ve lost out on your youth to younger models. There’s always a chance.

Think Connections

You’ve no doubt amassed a large network of people from a wide array of jobs. Use this to your advantage. Maybe you know someone that knows someone in the fashion industry. Ask to set up an interview. Gather what information you can in terms of where to start and the best path to take. Realize that no success is achieved without a lot of time and dedication, but by starting now, you’re going to reach that goal sooner.

Think Transference

So you don’t have any modeling skills. That’s okay. What skills do you have that you’ve shown expertise in over the last few decades? Are you a fast learner? Are you adaptable? Are you driven? Don’t ignore the skill set you’ve put together because you don’t think it has anything to do with modeling. In fact, a vast number of your current skills are applicable in any industry. You just have to understand how they transfer over. Use that to your advantage as you focus on what you can do versus what you can’t.

Think Volunteering

If you’re truly set on pursing modeling, offer to volunteer for fashion companies. Though they may not be modeling gigs, such a position gets you on the inside where you can see the realities of the life of a model. While there you can determine if such a career is still one that you want to chase down.

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