Pantone Colors 2018

Pantone Colors 2018Begun in the 1950s as a commercial printing company, Pantone evolved to become the world leader in color matching, developing a system used by brands of every industry across the globe. Ever since 2000, they have declared a color of the year, one that matches the needs of the emotions of the world. In addition, they provide runways with a yearly color palette.

Ultra Violet

This year’s color of the year turned out to be Ultra Violet. A combination of red and blue, it spans genders and speaks to past royalty. Loud expressions of it, especially through makeup, can mean defiance while muted versions imply secret creativity.

Cherry Tomato

What good is a fashion color palette without a bold red? This year’s choice is an orange red that exudes energy. It is bright and daring, one that excites viewers before they can register what color they’re even looking at.

Palace Blue

To balance such a bold color, this more muted blue still remains energetic but doesn’t try to steal the red’s spotlight.


Yellow with a touch of blue, Meadowlark is as outgoing as the Cherry Tomato but far less aggressive. It is a yellow that challenges even the sun in its brightness.

Nile Green

Interestingly enough, the Pantone palette didn’t forget to include muted colors to counteract the loudness of the primes. This green, for instance, is very much a pastel. It is calming to look at and works as a strong base to branch out from with the other colors.

Ash Rose

Next to this is an earthy red that walks the line between red and brown. Like the green, it is a very calm color chosen to act as yet another base on which to build.

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