If the Pants Fit

If the Pants FitTo those of us that have never truly delved into the fashion world, there are actually a variety of types of pants, each requiring their own set of fashion rules regarding shoes. Though this may seem arbitrary to some, the look and feel such knowledge helps create is enough to make anything look desirable.

Ankle Pants

Once a style relegated to moms, ankle pants have since seen their return to all age groups. The secret, however, is make sure the correct shoes are worn. If not, these simply look like they are too short. The hard and fast rule is that you should never wear socks with ankle pants. Strappy sandals, loafers and even booties are acceptable so long as it looks like your feet are bare.

Wide Leg Pants

Pants with wide legs that don’t hug your every curve generally fall into this category, including the every famous bellbottom. Keep in mind that these look best when tailored so as to minimize frumpiness. Some of us don’t need our bottoms to look any bigger. As for shoes, you want heels. Since the bottom of the pants are meant to nearly brush the floor barefoot, heels allow the material to flow nicely. It also gives you the appearance of longer legs, perfect for creating a slimmer look. Avoid flats.

Skinny Leg Pants

Including jeans and leggings, skinny leg pants do a great job showing off shapely legs and otherwise creating a youthful look. Like wide leg pants, these should be tailored as well to reduce any baggy areas. Though they don’t have to be skin tight, they should fit snuggly in all the major areas. For shoes, you can pretty much wear anything so long as socks don’t show. Boots and flats, however, are the ideal.

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