Male Modeling Specifications

Male Modeling SpecificationsIf you’re a guy looking to get into male modeling, know that there is a demand. Though there are some basic requirements set forth in terms of general look and size, the “requirements” are more loose guidelines than they are strict rules.


Like females, tall men are preferred due to how clothing hangs on their frames. That being said, you don’t want to be too tall. The ideal height is between 6’ and 6’2” though agencies have been known to hire guys measuring in at 5’10” and 5’11”. Anything shorter won’t really cut it on the runway but that doesn’t mean other modeling opportunities aren’t available.

Weight and Build

Weight is far more changeable since each body carries weight differently. A solid average is around 170 but a range of 160 to 180 is preferred. As for the build, muscles are a definite. Low body fat coupled with visible muscle means clothes look great on you no matter what style. Too bulky or too skinny leads to fashion not fitting right.


Age isn’t really a limiting factor for men since a lot of men still maintain sex appeal well into their 50s and 60s. Even so, the more active aspects of modeling, such as walking a runway, skew younger rather than older.


Though you could attack auditions by yourself, hiring an agent is the best way to pursue more opportunities than you could on your own. Agents are also very good at finding jobs that match your personality and looks thereby increasing your chances of getting hired regardless of how closely you fit (or don’t fit) the industry standards.

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