Comp Card Measurements

Comp Card MeasurementsThough measurements are a must in the modeling world, it may come as a surprise that so many individuals simply don’t know how to take accurate measurements. Don’t be one of those. Here are the basics.

Getting Started

For reliable measurements, grab a measuring tape and a friend. If you cannot be nude in front of this individual, put on skintight clothing, like a bathing suit, to mimic the tape measure being as close to the actual skin as possible. Stand with your back straight and arms relaxed. When taking the measurement, the tape measure should lie flat to your skin.


For height, measure yourself with your back against a flat wall. Do not wear shoes. For your weight, jump on a scale with as little clothing as possible.

Neck (Males Only)

Take this number from about an inch up from where your neck hits your shoulders. Instead of a tight measurement, place one index finger under the measuring tape and record that.


Place the tape measure around the largest part of your chest. This goes for males and females. Make sure your arms are relaxed and at your sides. This number will not match your bra size since it includes the breasts.

Sleeve (Males Only)

Place your hand on your hip and start the tape measure at the spine. Run it over the shoulder, over the elbow and stop at the wrist.


This is not your pants size. This is where your torso bends when you lean to the side. If you have trouble finding it, bend side to side and put the tape measure there. It should be about an inch or two above the belly button.

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