Streetwear: What is It?

Streetwear What is It?A surprising entry into the high fashion industry this past fashion season, streetwear is beginning to gain a reputation for being respectable in its own genre. As to what it is… people are still trying to put it into words.

What is Streetwear?

In a nutshell, streetwear is what normal, non-fashionable people wear every day. Including baseball caps, hoodies and, most importantly, t-shirts, it’s the fashion of the common folk. However, fashion streetwear is the more expensive stuff pumped out by brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Most of those designs are of a higher quality and of a higher price.

To many younger fashion fans, though, streetwear is anything that isn’t a part of the larger industry. Maybe it’s all clothes that spawned independently. Maybe it’s clothing focused on a culture. In the end, even the most in-depth research is showing that streetwear is simply a term trying to force a definition onto something that is far too varied to have one. After all, it is the clothing of those that don’t follow fashion shows and fashion trends.

Dressing Down

If streetwear is something you’re looking to pursue, simply look around the area you’re in. Observe what the more casual people are wearing. Most of it isn’t fitted and a lot of it is comfortable. It is clothing made for function rather than form. You’ll find that the more practical woman avoids heels and overly tight clothing, choosing instead to wear flats and pants. Streetwear men opt for hoodies, t-shirts and sunglasses.

To make all this more fashionable, the steps are pretty straightforward. Make sure everything is fitted and clean. In the end, this is what ultimately differentiates Streetwear from streetwear.

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