Winter Beauty Trends 2017

Winter Beauty Trends 2017The air is getting colder, the nights are getting longer and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Fall is in full swing but winter is not far off. Prep your glam with this year’s favored looks.

Muted Makeup

With the more muted colors of winter comes a more muted makeup look. Smoky eyes are still en vogue but instead of going for that charcoal pencil, choose a taupe or a gray. Couple this with a shimmering creamer for eyes that continue to draw attention without being too loud. Pair this with a more pink and natural looking lipstick and you’ve found a practically perfect look.

Wavy Locks

Long, wavy hair is still fashion forward but the types of waves this winter have grown to cover both large curls and small kinks. That being said, each type requires its own set of tools. To be ready for both, invest in a curling iron for the large ringlets and a straightener for the small kinks.

Natural Knots

Another hair craze arriving just in time for the holidays are the knots. From large knotted buns worn loose and at the base of the head to smaller knots along the top of the head, be sure to get your bobby pins and hairspray ready for some exciting new experimentation.

Give Me Glitter

Be it eye shadow or lipstick, glitter is back in full force. Though the general makeup trend has gone more conservative, no one can stop the influx of glitter in both muted tones and loud hues. Just remember that if you’re going loud and proud to only do that to one area of the face. Glitter should always be used responsibly.

Eye-catching Eyeliner

For those not fans of glitter, colorfully loud eyeliner was also used a lot during the winter fashion shows. From reds to blues, no color was off limits.

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