Winter Fashion Trends 2017

Winter Fashion Trends 2017Already parts of the world have seen their first snowfall, heralding the coming of this year’s cozy winter. Don’t fall behind in your wardrobe planning. Start putting together your outfits now to be ready for the holiday rush.

Shiny Silver

Though runway looks aren’t always outfits we can pull off in everyday wear, there are trends that can be adapted. This year’s biggest crowd pleaser was silver. Whether used on padded outerwear or made into pants, this season is all about silvery glam.

Nice Knits

This year, knitted tops are back in. Worn as sweaters, wraps or jackets, knitted garments aren’t just for the elderly anymore. Be sure to opt for designs that incorporate frays or other interesting knitted textures for a truer adherence to this year’s fashion.

Sweet Suits

Whether you work in the corporate world or not, business attire is on the rise. With a skirt or with pants, fitted suits are a fancy way to dress yourself for success. In addition, shoulder pads maintained their appeal, proving to be this year’s longest lasting fashion forward choice.

Pretty Polkas

A trend that comes and goes quickly, polka dots were in high demand on the Parisian runways. Word to the wise, however, it’s only black and white that’s acceptable for this year’s variant.

Tempting Turquoise

A color seen commonly in jewelry but not in clothing, turquoise has actually be pulled forward to become more than just an accent. From top to bottom, entire outfits were made of this stunning blue hue. Blacks, browns and reds proved to be the more popular accent colors in these ensembles.

Flattering Flannel

It seems the Pacific Northwest had an impact on designers this year with the influx of flannel. Button up tops were the piece of choice when it came to rocking the multi-colored square prints.

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