How to Stand Out in an Audition

How to Stand Out in an AuditionLet’s face it. At an audition, it’s you versus the world. Countless individuals show up to give it their all in the hopes they’ll prove their worth as a potential employee. Though the area of expertise may be different, it’s not so dissimilar from any other job interview. Here’s how you stand out.

The Entrance

You have approximately ten seconds to make a lasting impression. In those few moments, the judges will collect virtually all they need to know about you. Because of this, you need to enter the audition already fully charged. This doesn’t mean come up with some awkward shtick that may or may not backfire. It simply means that your performance begins as soon as your number is called.

The Audition

Now that you have the attention of the room, it’s time to show off that you’re worth investing time and money into. This better be practiced and perfect before the audition because last minute cramming is worthless. Ideally you’ve put in months of back work with critiques and coaching from professionals. As for choice of work to audition with, only your best will suffice. Don’t try and save up your best and most impressive for later. Do it now. Prove that your entrance deserved their attention with this payoff.

The Dress

It’s never a bad idea to dress the part. Whether you want a specific role or not, dress for a role and give it your all. Such amount of focus will give you a much more interesting audition than trying to cover every possible character. Type cast yourself and have fun. Based on your looks and voice type, there are roles you could fill halfheartedly and still be seen as doing them ten times better than another actor.

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    what are the lsits of tv hsows i can be on or audtion for ??

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