Hair Trends 2017

Hair Trends 2017Time to start planning those holiday hair styles. If you’re looking to stay trendy, here are the top ways to tame your tresses before we ring in the New Year.

Loose Braids

Braids seem to always be in. However, it’s the type of braid that changes with the seasons. This winter, look to do soft, slightly undone braids. The minimal mess makes them appear romantic.

Beautiful Buzz

If you’re a fan of extremes, blonde buzz cuts have been sweeping their way across the red carpet. Though not all fashionistas are down for such an extreme change, it’s an easy to do, easy to care for look that is entirely in.

Piled Up Pony

Ever the cute look, pony tails this season are all about being placed high on the head. Since the high up is the most important part, feel free to turn the pony tail into a bun or a knot based on the event you’re headed to.

Short and Sweet

If you’re a fan of the bob, keep it sharp and blunt this year. Even with curly hair, a very angular, clean cut is the top of the list in terms of fashion. Messier is definitely out with this style.

Sexy Shag

Messy is out, unless, of course, you’re sporting a shag haircut. The key features to this look are bangs parted at the middle and hair that reaches the shoulders. A few waves here and there never hurt either.

Super Straight

Flat irons rejoice. Super straight hair is making a small resurgence this winter. Just remember this style is best used by those with healthy hair. If your locks are fried, do not attempt. If you want to keep your locks healthy, add a heat protectant before straightening.

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