The Secrets of the Elevator Pitch

The Secrets of the Elevator PitchMission Statement. Vision. Elevator Pitch.

These three terms are all synonymous but change based on the industry you work in. It is a short, succinct description of who you are, what you stand for and what you see as your goals for the future. This little introduction, when done well, is a great way to kick off a conversation or alert professionals that you take your job seriously.

The When

Like every form of communication, the elevator pitch only makes an impact when used in the right situation at the right time. While there is really no one right answer, there are a few rules you can follow to understand if the situation is right for your pitch. Do you have less than a minute? Were you asked to describe yourself? Are you trying to incite small talk? If the answer is “yes”, chances are you won’t go wrong throwing out your introduction.

The How

How you deliver your pitch is often more important than when you deliver it. To start, keep it short. If it doesn’t fit in one or two sentences, it’s too long. Second, have a few ready to go based on who you’re talking to. Audience has a profound effect on what language and phrasing is most successful. Thirdly, practice it regularly so it becomes a natural thing to say. Nothing is more terrifying than coming to an audition unrehearsed and ill prepared. The same goes for delivering a successful elevator pitch. Sure, the first few times will seem a bit wooden, but the more you do it and the more it becomes second nature, the more relaxed and natural it will feel to you and appear to everyone else.

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