personality typesProfessional modeling is competitive, hard work and sometimes stressful. Not everyone has the personality to succeed in the modeling industry!

Check off the traits below to see if you have what it takes to have a model personality….

  • You love to perform in front of people or in front of a camera. You want all  eyes on you!
  • You are a hard and responsible worker. Photo shoots especially tend to be long hours and many times not under ideal circumstances. You could be wearing a swimsuit outside in the middle of winter or wearing heavy winter clothing in the middle of summer!
  • You are comfortable with meeting new people and being in new situations. If you are shy, learn to build your confidence and self-esteem – an invaluable trait in any career choice.
  • You are ambitious and can overcome rejection and set-backs in order to accomplish your modeling goals.
  • You are a self-starter. That means you are responsible for yourself and working hard to accomplish your goals. No one will hand you a modeling career on a silver platter!
  • You have self-control in your life. You have a healthy life-style in every way. If you have an early photo shoot the next day, you can easily decline an invitation to a party the night before!
  • You are organized! You can keep track of your schedule, appointments and finances.
  • You are dependable! You do what you say you will do! 

These model personality traits will help you work successfully in the business!

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