Removing the Polish

Removing the PolishWith as many colors as there are hues in the rainbow, nail polish is too addicting not to use. Perfect for adding a simple accent to make any outfit pop, even guys are drawn to the allure. However, when it’s time to give your nails a breather, removing the polish can be tricky. Here are some tried and true ways to tackle polish removal with or without remover.

Nail Polish Remover

Complete with non-acetone and acetone versions, nothing works faster or better than nail polish remover. Non-acetone options do take longer to get the job done but end up being much easier on the nails themselves. The smell is also pretty strong, making it an instant “no” for many. If you have stubborn glitter, apply and let sit for a bit longer.

A Fresh Coat

Though it sounds counterintuitive, simply paint a coat of slow-drying nail polish over the old nail polish you want to remove and wait about a half a minute. Next, wipe away the lair and watch as it pulls the old polish with it. Simply rinse and repeat for those stubborn areas. This is also a great way to test out new colors to see how they look.

Anything with Rubbing Alcohol

Check ingredients around your beauty station and you’ll no doubt find at least a few things that contain rubbing alcohol. You may even have a bottle of it lying around. From hairspray to perfumes, these concoctions work just as well as remover. Simply apply or spray on a small amount and let everything sit for one minute as the old nail polish is broken down chemically. Next, use tissue paper or a cotton swab to clean the area. Though it won’t work as fast as remover, the polish will come off.

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