Growing Social Media

Growing Social MediaA huge portion of one’s presence these days in online through social media sites, like Twitter and Instagram. However, achieving fame through said outlets is a long practice in determination and dedication to growing your community. With time and effort, though, anyone can grow their reach successfully.

Choose Your Platform

Before doing anything, you need to determine what your message is. If it’s short, fun sayings, Twitter is the best platform. If you’re more of a picture person, Instagram and Snapchat are ideal. Basically, you need to know what your brand is so you can make the most of the right platform for your message. Choose the wrong one and you’ll have to work even harder to grow your audience.

Post Regularly

Whether you post once a day or once a week, regularity is a must for all social media sites. Fans are addicted to schedules and if you can’t produce content for the schedule you’ve promised them, you will lose rather than gain. As you begin testing the waters, one post per week is ideal no matter the platform.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to spread your message throughout the community as a whole, increasing the number of people that see you and potentially follow you. Social media is a popularity contest and there are many ways to win—one being community involvement. Smart use of hashtags makes it so that your name appears with the others chatting about a topic.

Share Shareables

Make sure that what you post has value. While you can engage others with hashtags, you’ll ultimately want to upload content that spreads itself across the internet with your tag as the origin. The more you can do this, the higher and faster your follower count will grow. If your posts have substance, you’re even more likely to see great growth.

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  1. I always have been interested in trying to grow my social fame and I like to post inspirational and loving positive tweets / insta post but mostly I would like to work with all I just try to tell people that they are loved and beautiful and important ❤️

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