Men’s Summer Fashion Trends

Men's Summer Fashion TrendsWhile female fashion has long overshadowed male, there are still plenty of ideas and compilations deigned perfect for 2017.

Haute Hiking

During a season that is as much about the outdoors as it is about relaxing inside, hiking boots are this year’s preferred footwear. Comfortable, adaptable and perfect for virtually any ensemble, it’s a look that begs to be taken out through rugged terrain.

Snazzy Sportswear

Fashion has always had a tepid relationship with workout gear. Sometimes it’s the only thing one should wear; other times it’s a huge faux pas. This year, fit is in, but not just any fit. If it’s going to be pulled off correctly, the company’s logo should be emblazoned largely and proudly somewhere on the outfit.

Mellow Yellow

Both men and women should expect a lot more yellow in their lives, be it a bright, eye-catching hue or a mellower, more toned down version. As summer is a season for spectacle, it’s appropriate to break out a color that is otherwise often overlooked.

Nicely Nautical

Be it boat shoes or embroidered anchors, a seafaring look fits right in to the summer months when sailing and surfing are at the top of everyone’s lists. Some of the more fashionable items are even designed to be waterproof so that you can set sail without having to worry about damage.

Short Shorts

What goes around comes around. It seems that the acceptable length of a pair of shorts is forever in flux. This year, don’t be caught in your knee-length workout shorts. Instead, the shorter they are, the better. While runway models revealed very white legs, it is advised you get at least a small tan before releasing your legs upon the world.

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  1. sheikh says:

    Thanks for the post very informative regarding male fashion I love the white and black striped T-shirt wearing the model in the post.

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