Summer Sun Skin Care

Summer Sun Skin CareThough it provides us with ample amounts of vitamin D and decorates our skin with beautiful, natural tans, the sun can also be a negative force. Too much wrinkles the skin prematurely and unintended burns can lead to skin cancer later in life. With the right steps, though, you can avoid such bad side effects.

Face Time

Even if you’re only outside long enough to get to work and make it home, your face is still hit by the rays of the sun. Because hats are no longer fashion forward, it’s best to invest in sunscreens with adequate SPF. The shorter your time in the sun, the smaller the SPF rating you’ll need. For those that wear make-up, look for concealers and foundations with built-in sunscreen to protect your face for a protective look that avoids appearing greasy.

Blocking Rays

For the rest of the body, invest in breathable materials, such as cotton, if you work out in the sun. Though it might be uncomfortable, the material will protect you from direct UV damage. Should the material be translucent or you wear as little material as possible due to the temperature, sunscreen is your best friend. If you want a slight tan, go for a lower number. As for when to apply it, slather it on whenever you feel like the previous layer is beginning to wear off.

Drink Water

Never underestimate the sheer importance of getting enough water in these hot summer months. With the increased heat, your body will be sweating more than normal as a way to regulate your internal temperature, resulting in increased water loss when compared to the winter months. Apart from helping the body stay you cool, remaining hydrated keeps the skin looking full and fit with that healthy summer glow.

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